Ananya Panday Wins Over Fans After Kho Gaye Hum Kahan But Internet Calls It ‘Power Of Nepotism’; Here’s Why

By admin Dec29,2023

Netflix’s new film Kho Gaye Hun Kahan featured Ananya Panday, Siddhant Chaturvedi and Adarsh Gourav. It explored the themes of loneliness, social media obsession, feeling lost in life and more. Ananya Panday played the role of Ahana, a young girl who gets obsessed with seeking validation from her partner.

Her performance stood out in the film and became a talking point on the internet. Many people opined that the young actress improved her craft with better screen presence and dialogue delivery. Considering her poor performances in the past, Kho Gaye Hum Kahan completely changed her perception as an actor on the internet.

In the review of Kho Gaye Hun Kahan, our in-house critic wrote, ”Since her debut, the young actress has often found herself a target for trolling about her subpar acting and filmy connections. However, projects like Kho Gaye Hum Kahan and Gehraiyaan are evidently her strongest suit. Ananya Panday would do wonders for her career by sticking to similar role choices rather than trying too hard in commercial cinema.”

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Many fans echoed the sentiment on social media. One fan tweeted, ”Ananya Panday performs quite well in urban-centric characters like Gehraiyaan & this one as it comes naturally to her without putting any extra efforts.”

While fans are happy to see Ananya Panday finally proving her worth in cinema, another user @Shrishttiiiiiii pointed out that it is all thanks to ‘nepotism’. She tweeted, ”Unpopular opinion: If any normal person gets as many chances as Ananya Pandey did (6 movies), anyone could become a good actor. That’s the power nepotism holds coz no normal person can even get 2 movies specially as lead.”

It looks like a lot of people agree with the statement. One user replied, ”Nepo baby privileges are insane. And then they say “we struggle” while another wrote, ”If you are already rich and popular then there’s no limit to how much you deserve.” However, many people came to her defence stating that she had control over the family that she was born into.

Ananya Panday has acknowledged her privilege on several occasions. However, she became a target of trolls many years ago when she talked about her ‘struggles’ as a newcomer citing that her father actor Chunky Pandey has never been on Koffee With Karan. Nonetheless, with performances in Kho Gaye Hun Kahan and Gehraiyaan, Ananya Panday is slowly but surely growing on people.

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