Android Phones Get iMessage Support And It Is Safe: What It Is And How It Works

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Last Updated: December 06, 2023, 14:14 IST

Beeper Mini is the app that brings iMessage to Android

iMessage is available on Android but there are a few issues. This app looks to offer these features without affecting the security of users.

Android users aspire to own an iPhone and that stays true for many out there but now there is a way to use one of Apple’s services on their existing platform. That’s right, Apple’s iMessage is once again compatible with Android phones via a third-party app called Beeper Mini. You might be wondering how many apps are needed to allow Android users to try out Apple’s messaging app.

Recently, we had talked about Sunbird app that also has the same modus operandi, however, the app was supposedly exposing personal details, forcing the developer to shut down its iMessage-compatible app for Android phones.

Beeper Mini seems to be a more safer version of iMessage for Android which means all your data is secure and you don’t have to worry about the app shutting down out of the blue. The makers of Beeper Mini claim they have reverse engineered the iMessage app to work on Android phones without losing its end-to-end encryption security.

The team also points out that it reportedly jailbroke the iPhone to read the code of the OS and write the code for Beeper Mini from scratch, which has made it secure and feature-rich as the original iMessage. Having this level of security also guarantees that Beeper Mini won’t be able to read your messages, your phone number or even your Apple ID.

iMessage App For Android Phones: How It Works

Beeper Mini can be downloaded from the Play Store and then you have to sign into the app using your Google account. Google will then ask you to give the app some permissions so that it can work effectively. But here’s where the process to use Beeper Mini gets interesting. The app gives you two options, you can use Apple ID to sign into the app and get messages synced to all their devices linked to the account. Or you can use your phone number to log in but without being able to access them across devices.

Having said that, the app will still need your primary number to work on the Android phone, possibly for authentication purposes. Beeper MIni does a good job of imitating iMessage for Android users but still you won’t have support for features like FaceTime, live locating sharing and a few more. What you can use on Beeper Mini is threads, replies, read receipts, direct messages and more.

Most people tend to use WhatsApp for messaging, especially those with an Android phone but it is good to have the option to use or at least experience iMessage on non-Apple devices.

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