Deadpool & Wolverine Is All Set To Bring In Ladypool; Here’s What You Need To Know About Her Origin

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Deadpool & Wolverine is set to tell a multiverse-hopping story following Wade Wilson aka Deadpool and Logan aka Wolverine. Both will be seen joining hands in an attempt to save their universes and their families. The plot will be built on Disney acquiring Fox as many characters from both the universe and the MCU multiverse will be making appearances. Some of the new characters from the comics set to show up include Lady Deadpool aka Ladypool, she will be seen played by either Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds wife, or their common friend and singer songwriter, Taylor Swift.

While comic fans may know much about Lady Deadpool, not many MCU fans must have come across her. She was first introduced in 2019 as Wanda Wilson from Earth 3010. For the unversed, she was also rumoured to have made an appearance in the 2016 film Deadpool but the actors are yet to confirm the same. One of the comics she has appeared in is Deadpool Corps which has some similarities with the Deadpool & Wolverine plot.

Wanda Wilson in many ways is similar to Wade Wilson played by Ryan Reynolds, especially in terms of humour. It would also make Blake’s casting choice more appropriate as she has reportedly written several jokes for Deadpool films. However, one thing that sets her apart from Wade is her appearance. While originally she was seen with scars, the character now no longer has a deformed appearance in the comics.

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Wanda’s powers are also similar to Wade. She has the mutant power of regeneration, has superhuman speed and reflexes. She is also immune to various forces like telepathy and diseases. However, some personality differences like actual physical training during the uprising against General America, make her seem more sane and stable than Wade.

She is looked at with positivity since she does not have any scars or deformities like Wade. Which also makes her easier to work with and a better leader. According to comics like Deadpool Crops, she is looked up on as a leader as opposed to Wade from Earth 616. Her training in the resistance also makes her a team player which would be useful in the Deadpool Crops.

The unfortunate thing is, this might be the first and the last time we see her on screen. If the film explores Deadpool Crops storyline, the film will end with Deadpool of 616 being the only variant remaining in the MCU. We have already been introduced to Dogpool in the trailer and now Ladypool in the new teaser, hinting at the plot of the comic. Seems like Kidpool and Headpool will also make an appearance in the film for the comic fans.

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Even if they chose to go another way, the makers could attempt showing Lady Deadpool as an antagonist from the Deadpool Kills Deadpool, which would make for a fun watch. Since the real life husband and wife would go up against each other, but it still would end up with this being Lady Deadpool’s last apperance.

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