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Instagram users have faced this issue for a while

Instagram allows you to preserve all the old videos on the app and have the option to download them when needed.

If you have been using Instagram for many years, it seems there has been a problem with the videos that you might have uploaded on the platform during all this time. Many users seem to have noticed that old videos don’t have any audio while playing them, in fact, they also get a pop-up message saying, video has no sound.

The problem seems to have affected videos uploaded back in 2014 and we’re not sure exactly what has caused this no-audio situation for people. But the good thing is Meta is aware about the issue and it is reportedly working on fixing it. However, the company does not have a timeline to get this fixed but we’re hoping that will be done in the coming weeks, if not, months.

Instagram has supported videos for years and many of its users will feel that not having audio on the visuals is a big loss of their data and the whole purpose of keeping it on Instagram was to preserve the content and quality.

So what happens till the time Instagram fixes the issue? It seems the videos only lose their audio when you play it directly on the app. Having an embed link of some content/file could be the best way to play the video in its full avatar and also allows people to enjoy the visual without losing its meaning. In the meanwhile, we hope the problem gets fixed at the earliest.

Instagram is a pivotal part of Meta’s growth these days, especially with the interest around Facebook slowly but surely dying down. Instagram is also useful for the company to help it cross-link with other apps like Instagram and even WhatsApp.

Some of the new features across all Meta apps have been borrowed from one another. But soon, Instagram will lose its links to Messenger, as people won’t be able to use Facebook IDs to chat with friends and other known contacts.

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