International Day Of Yoga: Malaika Arora’s Fitness Videos Serve As An Inspiration On Social Media

By admin Jun21,2024

Malaika Arora is absolute fitness goals and there is no denying that. (Images: Instagram)

Malaika Arora is an ardent believer in the benefits that are associated with the practice of yoga, every now and then she shares a fitness video on social media talking about the same

It is International Day of Yoga, and Malaika Arora has once again shared an inspiring fitness video. This time, focusing on those dealing with lower back pain. To help alleviate discomfort, the actress recommended the cat and cow yoga pose (also known as Hatha Yoga) for optimal relief and flexibility. Using her Instagram platform, Malaika guided her followers through a detailed, step-by-step demonstration of performing the asana. In her caption, she wrote, “Flowing into happiness …one pose at a time…”

The video starts with Malaika Arora in a cat position, placing her hands shoulder-width apart and aligning her knees below her hips. Inhaling deeply, she shifts into the cat pose, arching her back upward. With a smooth exhale, she transitions into the cow pose, lowering her belly and lifting her head and tailbone. Malaika continues this coordinated movement with each breath cycle, emphasising the stretch along the entire spine. She encourages viewers to maintain the rhythmic breathing pattern throughout the sequence. After completing the final exhale, she advises returning to a neutral spine position.

The Cat-Cow pose is highly beneficial as it enhances flexibility in the spine, shoulders and neck. This pose also effectively stretches muscles in the back, abdomen, chest, and hips, promoting overall mobility and relieving tension in these areas.

This isn’t the first time Malaika has given us a glimpse of her workout routine. Previously, the diva shared a video showing Danda Yoga to improve her physical strength and flexibility. Using a bamboo stick, she performed various poses targeting muscles throughout her entire body.

In this video, Malaika can be seen working on her core muscles by performing a series of yoga poses. Using two blocks, she focused on every muscle from head to toe. She started with Mountain Pose (Parvatasana), followed by stretching. Then, she transitioned to Vasisthasana, a side-bend plank pose to enhance her balance and strength. Next, she performed single-leg push-ups to target her upper body. Afterwards, she returned to Mountain Pose to focus on her spine. Additionally, she included standing crunches, glute bridges, and Warrior 2 poses in her routine.

On International Yoga Day 2024, the actress took to Instagram to share a “Gratitude Post.” Check it out-

Malaika is a true blue fitness icon who simply keeps getting better with each day that passes by.

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