Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham has been one of the biggest most influential movies of all time in Hindi cinema. It has shaped an entire generation and normalised love marriage, and adoption among others, but the film also had many moments that would definitely had gotten it cancelled in 2023. From patriarchal rules to fat shaming. Meanwhile, if the film was made in 2023 with Gen Z leading characters, would it still be as fun and emotional as the OG is? From shutting down the emotional blackmail to empowered businessman Anjali the film would see major changes and good ones.

The film follows the story of Raichand family and what proceeds to happen when the members of the family begin to take decisions for themselves without asking the man of the house, Yashvardhan Raichand. Yash’s older brother Rahul decides to leave the house when he chooses a bride for himself and the father does not approve. Years later when the younger son of the house, Rohan finds out the truth he decides to bring back his brother and his family home.

There are major changes the film would see if led by Gen Z, care free characters. Gen Z has already joined the work force and changing the world, refusing systems and implementing their own. And similarly the film would also see a complete makeover with a Gen Z characters. Here’s how the film would turn out to be…


After Amitabh Bachchan’s Yash tells off Jaya Bachchan’s Nandini for the first time, SRK’s Rahul is seen standing in the background worried. But with a Gen Z it would actually lead to a war in the house, Rahul would end up having to give a loud explanation of how inappropriate it was of his father and in turn he would get kicked out of the house right there. He would then move to the US without having the chance to fall in love with Kajol.

All the fat shaming of Rohan’s character would have definitely gotten the film cancelled but in 2023, there would have been an entire sub plot of how he comes to terms with his body. We then would not have a body positive Hrithik Roshan trying to fix the family situation and also giving a lesson to egoistic Pooja.


After Kajol’s father dies, the film shows Rahul deciding to take her responsibility and marrying her. However, for a Gen Z it would only show Rahul showing support to her, before life returns to normal and Anjali would take responsibility of the shop run the shop and grow it into a big business. Only to cross paths with Rahul years later and they would just laugh it out and take their separate ways.

Finally the biggest change would have been when Yash emotionally blackmails Rahul and reminds him that he is adopted. Yash’s words echos in the massive mansion, ‘Aaj tumne sabit kar diya ki tum mere khoon nahi ho.” In 2023, it would defiantly piss off Nandini and she would leave the house herself with Rahul and his new bride.

The film would then end with Amitabh Bachchan’s Yash depressed alone in the Raichand mansion. Then Rohan would have to convenience Rahul and Nandini to accept him, instead of the other way around.


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