KWK: Vicky Kaushal Admits Dancing To Tip Tip Barsa In First Meeting With Katrina Kaif’s Family; ‘Ice Was Melted’

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In the latest episode of Koffee With Karan season 8, Vicky Kaushal recalled the time he met his wife Katrina Kaif’s family before their wedding. The actor revealed that he met his now-in-laws only a week before marriage. Due to COVID, he could not meet Katrina’s big family.

When talking about breaking the ice with Katrina’s family, Vicky said, ”It was a fun episode. Fun in the sense, that it’s not comic. It was genuinely a lot of fun because I couldn’t meet them for two years because of COVID. So I met them literally like the week before marriage.

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The union happened in a Punjabi style where they all partied and had drinks. ”We had a party at my place and we were all drinking and dancing. Instantly, we saw each other in the worst form. Two hours of meeting each other, we were dancing on the floor”.

Vicky Kaushal is known for his impromptu dance movies and being a Bollywood and Punjabi music junkie. He said, ”They have seen me dancing on Tip Tip Barsa Paani in the first meeting. The ice was broken and melted and gone all over the place.” It’s no wonder that the actor decided to impress them by showing off his Bollywood side.

He also revealed how his proposal went down. ”It was very last minute. I had been warned by everybody that if you don’t propose, it’s something you’ll have to be prepared for for the rest of your life that you got to hear about it. I did that one day before the wedding It was dinner just before any of the friends and families could come” Vicky Kaushal revealed.

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