Microsoft Unveils Three New Xbox Series S/X Console Variants: All Details

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Microsoft has announced three new Xbox One variants

Xbox is adding three variants of the One gaming console which gives buyers more options, both in disc and digital version.

Microsoft unveiled three new Xbox Series S/X console options during the Xbox Games Showcase this week. New configurations in the Xbox portfolio include a 1TB SSD storage variation of the Xbox Series S in Robot White, an all-digital Xbox Series X, and a 2TB Xbox Series X Special Edition in Galaxy Black. The three new console types will be released in select markets during the holiday season later this year.

The Xbox parent company has not yet revealed availability and regional pricing for the upcoming Xbox Series S/X models. According to reports, Microsoft will soon take pre-orders for three additional Xbox variants.

The new console versions will have the same speed and performance as current Xbox Series S/X models, but will also offer users new design, storage, and pricing alternatives, according to Microsoft. The all-digital Xbox Series X, for example, costs less than the standard Xbox Series X with a disc drive.

New Xbox Series S/X Console Variants

Xbox Series X: 1TB Digital Edition

According to leaked court records from the Microsoft v. US FTC trial last year, the company was preparing an Xbox series X digital version. Microsoft has already announced that the Xbox Series X will be available exclusively digitally this year. The console’s digital version will be Robot White and have 1TB of SSD storage (current Series X variants are only available in Carbon Black). The new version will cost $449.99/EUR 499.99 (about Rs 37,000), which is less than the $499.99 disc edition of the Series X.

Xbox Series S: 1TB in Robot White

The Xbox Series S initially came with 512GB of storage and a Robot White colour scheme. Last year, Microsoft introduced the Xbox Series S with 1TB storage in a new Carbon Black colour scheme. Extra storage is now available in the Robot White colorway. In select areas, the Xbox Series S 1TB in Robot White will be priced at $349.99/EUR 349.99 (about Rs 29,000). However, the pricing and availability for India are yet to be confirmed by the manufacturer.

Xbox Series X: 2TB Galaxy Black Special Edition

Microsoft is also releasing a unique edition of the Xbox Series X in a stunning new Galaxy Black colour scheme, complete with enhanced 2TB storage. The console is designed with a silver, grey, and green heavenly look, a black base, and a green stand. The special edition console also comes with an Xbox wireless controller. The Galaxy Black Special Edition Xbox Series X will be sold in limited quantities in select areas for $599.99/EUR 649.99.

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