Regular Workout To Abstaining From Alcohol, 5 Daily Habits To Increase Life Expectancy

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This study was conducted for 8 years.

Johns Hopkins University conducted a study with 6,200 men and women in this context.

There are no tried-and-tested ways to increase life expectancy. If we, however, inculcate some basic changes in our daily routine, we can live longer and a healthier life. A nutritious diet and regular exercising are some of the factors that can increase life expectancy. Johns Hopkins University conducted a study with 6,200 men and women in this context. The study found that those who adopted four lifestyle habits reduced their chance of death by an astounding 80 percent. This study was conducted for 8 years.

1. Don’t drink and smoke– As per John Hopkins University, it has been proven that people who do not consume cigarettes and alcohol live longer. These habits directly affect ageing. Besides cigarettes and alcohol, tobacco should also be avoided strictly.

2. Maintain healthy weight– The healthiest people in the study maintained a body mass index (BMI) — a ratio of height to weight that measures body mass — of less than 25. To find out your BMI, you can try using a BMI calculator.

3. Exercise regularly for 30 minutes– People should aim for about 30 minutes of activity a day most days of the week. You can try breaking it into three 10-minute bouts of activity per day. This can be a 10-minute walk in the morning, another at lunch, and a stroll after dinner.

4. Adopt healthy food choices– The study conducted by Johns Hopkins University has also found that the healthiest people followed a Mediterranean-style diet. That means a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, tree nuts with healthy oils, fish (and less red meats). It also includes whole-grain carbs and olive oil for cooking.

5. Avoid excessive sugar and salt– Excessive intake of sugar and salt can severely impact health and the metabolism levels. Besides these two ingredients, the consumption of saturated fat, and trans fat can also lessen life expectancy. These fats are found in packaged and processed foods. People are also advised to stop the intake of red meat and instead consume oily fish. This oily fish is high in omega-3 fatty acids.

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