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Apple Vision Pro‌ can generate Personas via machine learning

Apple Vision Pro is expected to launch in 2024 and the company is now giving more people the chance to experience the headset.

The Apple Vision Pro headset continues to grab eyeballs even though the product hasn’t made it to the market since it was first unveiled at the WWDC 2023 keynote earlier this year. The company is planning for an early 2024 release of the product and now, it has started to give more people the chance to experience and use the mixed reality headset to see if it warrants all the hype.

Apple has given people from the media a chance to shoot spatial video using the iPhone 15 Pro and then view it on the Vision Pro headset.

Fair to say that most of the journalists liked what they got to see through the Vision Pro headset and how it was able to capture details that even the iPhone had a hard time capturing.

Apple Vision Pro Headset Early Preview: What Everyone Said

Some reviewers who get a hands-on with the headset say they were startled by the quality and immersive nature, something that Apple has been talking about with the experience of its mixed reality (Xr) headset. Others notice the emotional context of viewing content through the headset, giving them life-sized videos that felt more real.

It feels like Apple understands the learning curve of watching content through the headset, so giving them a chance to view content shot by them using the iPhone has a strong relatable context. The other surprising element about the headset that people noticed was that even when the footage shot on the iPhone didn’t have light, the same video was appearing without any grains or noise in the Vision Pro, which shows the true value of using high-res sensors and lenses.

The Apple Vision Pro headset is going to be a premium product which was made evident when the staggering price tag of the device was revealed this year. Apple has started training its staff about the product and the latest developments suggest the official launch of the product is not far away.

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