This Man Was Scammed Out Of Over Rs 17 Lakh After He Took Up A ‘Like To Earn’ Job

By admin Dec21,2023

Scams are running rampant in India, and you must safeguard yourself.

A 34-year-old techie from Pune lost a whopping Rs 17.6 lakh in an alleged ‘like to earn’ job scam. Here’s what you must know.

Scams of all kinds are running rampant across India, but the most worrying bit is that scammers are devising new and advanced techniques to trick unsuspecting victims. In fact, not even youngsters who are well-versed with technology get fooled.

And, this is precisely what transpired with a 34-year-old techie from Pune, who lost a whopping Rs 17.6 lakh in an alleged ‘like to earn’ job scam, as per a report by The Times of India.

The victim reportedly came across an advertisement for a part-time job role on social media, and subsequently, he decided to get in touch with the job providers (scammers).

He was given simple tasks such as liking videos online. This scam started when he got in touch with scammers on December 1, and ran until December 6, when he realised that he was scammed. A complaint was filed with the cybercrime cell on December 7, and a case was registered at the Wakad police station on Saturday.

The police officer involved conveyed that the money from the victim’s account was transferred to multiple accounts in different locations, including Kochi, Jaipur, Malda, and Itarasi.

While it isn’t exactly clear how this particular victim lost his money, in most such cases, especially job scams, scammers work by earning the trust of victims by initially offering them small payouts for the “work” that they do. Later, victims are told that they could potentially earn more if they invest. Without giving much thought, many people invest in these schemes, and when they ask for a return on their investment, they are told that they will need to invest more to unlock the amount. This becomes a never-ending process until the victim finally realises what has happened.

To be safe from these scams, remember that no one in their right mind would pay you for simple tasks such as liking YouTube videos, as these can be automated with just a click of a button. Moreover, if someone reaches out to you with such an offer, never share your personal details, including your Aadhaar number, PAN details, and more.

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